Push-Ups and Burpee’s



The most common things I hear when I meet new clients are, “Don’t make me do push-ups/burpees!”, or “I won’t train with you if you give me push-ups/burpees!”. Believe me, I get it! My biggest weakness in training is my upper body strength and the dreaded push-up.

However, I implore you to really think about what the whole purpose of seeking out a personal trainer is. Why tell me what you refuse to do if you are truly seeking change?

Right now, we are in one of the biggest months for the fitness and wellness industry because people are making resolutions to lose weight, eat healthier, and overall just be a better version of themselves.

In order to be a better you, don’t you have to challenge yourself? Don’t you have to really change?

When training clients, if they really physically are incapable of doing a specific task, it’s my job to give them an alternative version. Therefore, if you can’t do a standard push-up, we can elevate you so you can eventually work yourself down to a regular push-up!

Regression is not something to sneer at, nor is it something to be ashamed of. So remember that wherever you are right now is where you are meant to be. If you don’t challenge that standard and if you completely refuse to do things you struggle with, how can change really happen?

Push-ups and burpee’s are not the enemy and even if they are a challenge, there are ways to bring that challenge to whatever level you are currently. Once you are able to add the push-up and hop into a burpee, that feeling of being able to successfully execute these challenges is indescribable.

As a member of Sacred Roots Holistic Healing, I am proud to bring to you working out in a safe and educational environment. An environment that truly wishes to help our clients conquer their obstacles and really achieve the long-term changes they are looking for!

Please don’t hesitate to seek our help! For more content and instructional videos, check out my future blog posts and our app!

New Year, New Me

Kaleah McClain, FST LMT FMT NMRT.

Congratulations on making it to 2021! You have leveled up! 😉

In all earnest, though, it is a new year with new opportunities and choices and responsibilities. I have often heard the adage from this article title, “New Year, New Me!” used fervently in this first month which then dwindles back to the eventual trudge towards “next year” or “tomorrow” or “one day”. My only question is what about today? Isn’t there opportunity and potential still dormant within that?

I hope that each of you feels the potential within yourselves this year. Each moment, each experience, each thought is full of hope for being something that adds meaning, intention, quality, and love to your life. My other hope is that you do not feel the need for a “new you”. While the saying has its purpose, I would like to add that “new” implies that the original was not good enough. I disagree entirely, the original is just as beautiful.

In sessions, if a joint could use a bit more mobility or a muscle group could function better, I like to tell clients “it looks like there is more potential within this area”. I hope that this new year brings more self awareness, self love, kindness, and vulnerability. I hope that you get the chance to explore your potential and find newness within the already worthy and amazing being that you are.

For me personally, I have changed the quote in my head. It’s no longer “New Year, New Me”, but rather “New Year, Growing Me”. Happy New Year, and happy exploring and growing to you, as well!