Aromatherapy – Beyond the Hype

Kaleah McClain, FST LMT FMT NMRT.

Probably every single one of us has been asked at one point or another if we would like to have aromatherapy during our massage session, pedicure, or even at an unfortunate stay in the hospital. What is aromatherapy, though, and is there a reason to try it?

Aromatherapy is the use of plant or flower based extracts generally topically or aromatically, typically using a diffuser to create mist, to encourage physical and mental health. Many people have questions about this, as do I! More and more research and studies are being done, but over several years the studies look promising.

In a few different studies, the findings were positive for aromatherapy using lavender, peppermint, and lemon to help with sleep in cancer patients, anxiety levels for ICU patients, and blood pressure for ICU patients. As always, these studies need to be refined and replicated to continue our knowledge of this modality.

In our practice, we have had signature blends made specifically for the results that each has been found to encourage. Feel free to stop in and see what you think of our products, and let your therapist know if you would like to experience aromatherapy along with your results-driven therapy session.

Picture: REVIVE Lotion Bar, RESTORE Lotion Bar, RECOVER Lotion Bar featuring signature aromatherapy blends.

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