Navigating Trauma: A Massage Therapist’s Role

Kaleah McClain, LMT FMT NMRT.

When working clients, I always mentally check in to see if I have noticed any signs of past trauma. For some people, they tense when working a certain area like perhaps around the shoulder or elbow. Others will start talking about significant life events as a way to let go of some of that experience. However that manifests, traumatic experiences have happened to us all in some form or another, be that physically,emotionally, spiritually, or mentally. So what role does massage therapy play in aiding recovery?

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Trigger Points – What They Mean

“WOW! I can feel that in my shoulder!”

Have you ever said that while your therapist is working on the neck area?  Then your therapist probably explained the term trigger point to you.  These small points of hyperirritability can cause sharp pain sensations, pain that is felt in other areas, and taunt bands of muscle and connective tissue or myofascial tissue.  If you gently explore the sides of your neck, you will surely find a few of them there, but trigger points can exist in any part of the myofascial tissue.

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