Collaboration Means Pain Mitigation

Kaleah McClain, LMT FMT NMRT.

We’ve all been told, “Teamwork makes the dream work!” However, how does that apply to your wellness and healthcare?

Sometimes, as professionals we get so focused on our own success and impact in our community. However, rather than vying for business or clientele, what would happen if we each communicated with other outstanding healthcare professionals to work towards common goals? How many more people could be positively affected if, as collaboration researcher Thomas Stallkamp noted, “(we) gang up on the problem, rather than each other.”?

One study stated, “Unfortunately, many health care workers are used to poor communication and teamwork, as a result of a culture of low expectations that has developed in many health care settings. This culture, in which health care workers have come to expect faulty and incomplete exchange of information, leads to errors because even conscientious professionals tend to ignore potential red flags and clinical discrepancies. They view these warning signals as indicators of routine repetitions of poor communication rather than unusual, worrisome indicators.”

By creating a team of highly competent professionals that are invested in changing an industry to be more focused on complete care. The same study noted that, “The literature reviewed shows that effective teams are characterized by common purpose and intent, trust, respect, and collaboration.” We are so honored to have such a good team of people around us that share the same dreams, standards, and drive to better themselves and their clientele.

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