Fascial Stretch Therapy – A Focus on the Big Picture

Kaleah McClain, LMT FMT NMRT.

Starting November 2020, we will begin offering Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST). I promise you, we have found the thing that will turn our 2020 year around!

Fascial Stretch Therapy is a highly effective, pain free, and full body functional movement restoration program. Ready to try it? After having personally experienced it, I immediately asked, “where do I go to learn this?” I felt taller and “bouncier”, with noticeable decompression in my low back (which you all know is my trouble spot). Not only that, but the results lasted about 9 days, and probably would have lasted much more had I not fallen 4 feet down while trying to stand on a chair and clean. Seriously, my results were incredible!

So what makes it effective? This therapy works with breathing, reflexes, joint warming techniques, and lengthening or traction techniques to create optimal gains in flexibility and decompression. Also, it is performed while the client is fully clothed in comfortable and flexible clothing. As the body is worked in a comfortable, pain-free manner, you will notice the quick changes and gains in mobility and motion.

Beyond just the immediate benefits, this work is actively re-educating the neuromyofascia or mind-muscle-fascia connection. Movement patterns, gait, and posture can be progressively addressed and improved, but also emotional trauma of chronic pain can be eased. We are wildly excited to share this with you after my training at the end of October!


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