Garrett is a self-taught programmer, videographer, and all encompassing “tech guy”. After wanting to move away from the restaurant industry, he completed a programming certificate through Launchcode in 2019. He is knowledgeable in Python, Java, WordPress, Sony Vegas, and Adobe Premiere. He has experience in freelance work as well as small business.

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Garrett Tucker

2.Role at Sacred Roots?

Solving any technical issues, managing website services, assisting with daily office tasks.

3.Dream vacation destination?

I went to Captiva Island, Florida after my highschool graduation. I would love to go back. Or really any campground with a good view.

4.Why Sacred Roots?

I love to help people, which is why I worked in the restaurant industry for so long. Sacred Roots gives me that opportunity, along with being able to live my dream career.

5.What did you want to be when you grew up?

The next Bill Gates.

6.Interesting fact about yourself?

My highschool spanish teacher certified me to speak kindergarten level spanish. I have remained at that level since.

7.What do you love about Kansas City?

I’ve grown up in the area. It is a perfect size to have plenty of things to do without having to spent 4 hours in traffic every day.

8.What is something you wish everyone knew about massage?

How it helps your body get back to normal. There are so many ways where we subconsciously hurt our body every day. Massage helps pinpoint trouble areas so that we can work on changing our lifestyle to feel better all of the time.

9.Favorite therapy to receive?

The theragun and cupping are must haves when I have a massage session.

10.Favorite flower?