After attending school in Fort Collins, Colorado, Kaleah has practiced in the Kansas City area since 2019. Prior to choosing massage therapy, she thrived as a hospitality manager but wanted to pursue a career that more meaningfully impacts others' lives. By studying in Fort Collins, Colorado, she developed a strong knowledge of integrative and corrective massage techniques to give the body a better balance for every kind of lifestyle, ranging from professional athlete to office professional. She always strives to treat each client as an individual with a personalized session and continues to develop her knowledge to give optimal results. Providing Neuromuscular Therapy with active movement release techniques, along with Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, Dynamic and Static Cupping, Taping, Flossing, Abhyanga, Reflexology, Sports Massage, Contrast Therapy, and Assisted Stretching, she is always searching for progressively effective treatment options for her clients. Neuromuscular therapy uses motion to stimulate change in movement patterns and postural habits, bringing relief to chronic pain, increasing range of motion, and a more "neutral" posture.

Therapist Qualifications

 Licensed Massage Therapist
 Functional Movement Therapist
 LifeStretch Instructor
 Prenatal, Postpartum Certified
 Flossing Certified
 Taping Certified
 Cupping Certified
 Neuro-muscular Therapist


More About Kaleah

1. Name?
Kaleah McClain

2. Favorite modalities?
Neuromuscular therapy, resisted stretching, cupping, and myofascial release.

3. Special Certifications?
Abhyanga, Contrast Therapy, Cupping, Function Movement Therapist, Flossing, Prenatal and Postpartum Massage, and Body Insight Active Movement Technique

4. Year of initial licensure?

5. What did you want to be when you grew up?
A pirate.

6. Interesting fact about yourself?
I have a difficult time staying in one place, have rarely lived in one place for more than a year, and have traveled extensively. I can't help this restless nature!

7. What do you love about Kansas City?
I love the variety of people with such different backgrounds. So many stories to hear and good people to connect with!

8. What is something you wish everyone knew about massage?
I appreciate it so much when clients communicate with me. If something hurts or you need less pressure, tell me. If you want to try a different type of therapy, I'd love to accommodate that if it's within my training. If you want to chat during your session or need me to stop telling you my "nerdy massage science information" so you can relax, I'll absolutely do that. No judgment, ever. I want you to have the best results possible, so let's work together and achieve that.

9. Favorite therapy to receive?
I love trying therapies and techniques that are new to me, but mostly I just love a therapist that lets me talk with them for the whole session. (Yes, I'm the person that talks to you in the grocery store checkout line. Sorry, not sorry. Haha!)

10. Favorite flower?
I really don't like flowers, but I really like trying to grow things.