LifeStretch – Perfection is Overrated

Author | Kaleah McClain, LMT FMT NMRT.

Have you ever wanted to stretch more, but feel afraid to start because you might find out how immobile you are? This is my conversation with myself every day. Well, the “it’s not perfect, so I’m not going to try” mentality is not working for my life now, and maybe it shouldn’t be holding you back either.

In an effort to reconfigure that belief, I have enjoyed LifeStretch immensely. Instead of the goal of getting to a certain perfect pose or having great flexibility, it is focused on self analysis and stretching for YOUR body rather than someone else’s goal for you. Also, it is designed to be easy to start, quick to learn, and pain-free. It’s flow is created to open tissues quickly and gently, while giving you insight into what specifically is going on in your body.

We are offering one on one instruction at Sacred Roots in LifeStretch in a series of 3 hour courses scheduled within a month. The first hour will be dedicated to analysis and consultation to decide your goals and assess your current movement patterns and restrictions. The next two hours will be going through the LifeStretch protocol to find what is most impactful to your body.

Additionally, you will be given a copy of your instructors LifeStretch notes as a cheat-sheet to remembering key stretches and assessments. With that information, you can inform your other health care practitioners of your findings. Going into massage therapy sessions, you can advocate for your needs based on restrictions or goals you have.

Finally, as part of our membership program, you can have access to the monthly online Zoom class as a refresher and experience LifeStretch in a group setting. We are so excited to be able to enjoy and share this non-competitive, non-idealistic approach to stretching and self assessment.

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