Low back pain and foam rolling


So many people suffer from low back pain on a daily basis. Also, so many people focus on the lower back muscles as the culprit, but have you ever considered there could be other reasons? (WARNING: Please do not foam roll your lower back muscles)

One of the biggest reasons for low back pain is muscle imbalances. Maybe your quads dominate your daily movement, or maybe your hamstrings dominate. Maybe your lats are too tight. Maybe you sit at a desk for most of your day and your hip flexors are constantly shortened.

People tend to live in a constant state of unbalanced muscles and don’t realize this until there is a problem. Low back pain is a huge problem and it is one that can be gradually improved with a little daily maintenance.

The main spots to foam roll if you have low back pain really are dependent on your own imbalances. Each individual moves throughout their day differently. We compensate for muscle imbalances in various ways.

If you want to see some good spots for foam rolling to help with low back pain, check out my videos!

Hint: Some places to try foam rolling for low back pain are- Lats, Hip flexors, Hamstrings, piriformis/glutes (The piriformis is a muscle that is often tight and rests right on top of the sciatic nerve. If you are suffering from shooting pain due to this pinching, you can try this foam rolling technique).

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