Growing up with a rare autoimmune disease an understanding of fitness and nutrition became incredibly important to me personally. With less than 1% of the population affected with this disease, few doctors knew how to treat my symptoms.  This began a life-long quest to discover all that I could regarding my triggers and how to treat them.  The research changed my life.  I learned that diet and exercise were crucial to my ability to live a healthy, pain-free life.

At the age of eleven, I began riding horses competitively.  In college, I lived and trained in Germany for a year and while there sustained a near fatal accident.  While recovering, the lack of exercise really took a toll on my body.  It was critical to find exercise that I could do until I was able to get back in the saddle. Utilizing those exercises was instrumental in my healing. 

While completing my under graduate degree, I worked at a specialty grocery store, where I was able to help customers with their dietary needs. Helping customers learn about the food they used to fuel their bodies was incredibly rewarding.  I realized my passion for learning more about nutrition so I could help others succeed. I began taking classes at Wellspring School of Allied Health in April of 2019 and completed my program October 2020, graduating with an Associates of Occupational Science,  and I am a certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach.

Through National Academy of Sports Medicine, I have certificates in corrective exercise, performance enhancement, and personal training. With my education, I will be able to help my clients with their overall health and wellness goals. Whether you are a competing athlete or a beginner trying to increase your athletic performance, I can help! If you find yourself suffering from pain or discomfort, I can help! If you were recently diagnosed with a disease and need help with your new dietary restrictions, I can help! Even if you just need direction with meal prepping, I have the ability to help guide you down your own path. 

Personal Training Qualifications


Nutrition and Wellness Qualifications

  • Associates of Occupational Science
  • NWC

More about Megan

1. Name?

Megan Hanriot

2. Favorite modalities?

Free weights, Body weight, Resistance bands, Kettle bells

3. Special Certifications?

Through NASM- Certified personal trainer, performance enhancement specialist, corrective exercise specialist

Through Wellspring- Nutrition and Wellness Coach

4. Year of initial licensure?


5. What did you want to be when you grew up?

An Olympic gold medalist in show jumping or an artist

6. Interesting fact about yourself?

I am also an artist and grew up taking all the classes at the Nelson Atkins Museum. I was encouraged by all of my art teachers to be a painter or sculptor, but didn’t want to persue art as a career.

7. What do you love about Kansas City?

I love how much people from Kansas City love it. Sounds crazy, but Kansas City just has a way of crawling into your heart and no matter where you go after leaving here, it always feels like home.

8. What is something you wish everyone knew about Personal Training and/or Nutrition and Wellness?

That it’s really ok to not be perfect. I think so many people just stress about their bodies and their health. It’s great to work towards being healthy, but sometimes people should forgive themselves if they aren’t where they think they “should” be in their journey.

9. Favorite therapy to receive?

I really enjoy a good deep tissue massage, spending time in the garden, cooking, or riding my horses

10. Favorite flower?

I had lavender and lily of the valley in my wedding bouquet and I also really love ranunculus. I guess I like really whimsical flowers.