Detox Face Masks




Great for a deep cleansing of facial pores and excess oil on your skin.

Size: 0.35oz single packet

Ingredients: Bentonite clay, activated charcoal.

Packaging: Our 0.35oz single use packet comes in an eco friendly, non-resealable kraft packet. Made for Sacred Roots Holistic Healing by Gentle Lilies

Usage: In a separate container, mix 1 part liquid of your choosing with 1 part dry face mask. This might look like 1 tablespoon of mix with 1 tablespoon of water. Do not let it harden. When it starts to get hard, wash off. Do not leave on too long and wash off completely. Use 1-2 times a week.

Forms of liquid and best skin types to match:

Water- Any

Aloe (Gel or liquid depending on your prefered consistency)- Any

Goat, Oat, or Nut milk- Normal to Dry

Apple Cider Vinegar- Oily, not for sensitive skin

Yogurt- Normal to Dry

Rose Water- Any

Hydrosols- Any (not recommended for sensitive skin without patch testing)


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