Proprioception: What is it? Ways to improve it!


When I see new clients, they often define themselves as clumsy. Being clumsy is just something that is commonplace and thought of as a trait. However, being clumsy can mean that you need to build your proprioception.

Proprioception is how your body perceives the surrounding environment and how your body moves in said environment. Basically, it’s the ability of your body to gauge how to maneuver around a stick in your path, or how to go up and down steps.

If you are less aware of the environment surrounding you, then you lack proprioception. But, can you build up the proprioception you have currently? Of course!!

Many corrective exercise workouts are actually geared towards building proprioception. Whether it be using a stabilization technique, performing a task with your eyes closed, or jumping, you can actually improve how you perceive your environment.

While I myself have been known to consider myself as clumsy, I now try to incorporate all sorts of exercises to improve my own proprioception. Look for my videos about ankle stability and lower leg mobility if you want to start improving your own proprioception!!

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