What is FST™? 

Stretch to Win®– FST™ is a neuromyofascial manual therapy that focuses on the connective tissue system rather than isolated muscle treatment. Certified practitioners assess passive, active and resisted movements in functional positions as well as on the treatment table. The approach starts with assessment and treatment where needed at the deepest part of the connective tissue system - the joint capsule. It progresses through all the layers of fascia, ending with the superficial layer. Where the central or peripheral nervous system is restricted or not optimal in movement, proper neural mechanics are restored. Muscles that were inhibited are activated while those that are over-activated are normalized. Finally, a home program prescription follows so that the client/patient becomes an active partner on their journey to wellness or sports performance.

Benefits of FST™

Improved mobility and flexibility


Improved posture and movement patterns


Neuromuscular reeducation for confident movement


Increased blood and lymph flow


Releases fascial adhesions


Decreased pain and discomfort


Decreased stress


Aids your body in achieving better sleep cycles