Treatment Description

Stress tension of the head, neck and shoulders as well as sciatica and migraines are often related to muscle dysfunction. Most common causes are poor posture, repetitive action or acute injury and these issues often lessen our quality of life. In addition to the day to day stress on your body many tend to add activities that push the limits. Whether it’s your workouts, sports, yard work, chasing children just to name a few, these activities can leave you sore and tired. With an emphasis put on a corrective approach, we get ahead of what leads you to being “benched” Our Results Driven Therapy allows you to continue doing what you love! We work with a variety of clientele offering customized sessions and wellness plans to get you back to the best YOU possible! Providing quality Massage Therapy with the most up to date knowledge, certifications all while researching daily allows us to give you the tools outside of your sessions to make long lasting change. We incorporate a wide range of modalities. Blending everything from Eastern and Western modalities including:

Reiki Healing 


Japanese Medical Massage 

Chakra Alignment and Stones 



Swedish Techniques

Deep Tissue 

Trigger Point Therapy 

Myofascial Release 

Structural Integration

Craniosacral Therapy

Active Release Therapy

NeuroMuscular Therapy

Cupping Therapy

Graston Technique

Theragun Treatments

Sports Massage 

Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy