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Revive at Sacred Roots

Current clientele know this level of treatment as their new standard of massage therapy. Some may consider this the “just a massage” level of treatment however you will notice the difference from the moment you walk in.  Customizing each session to your specific ailments, we incorporate many medical and therapeutic modalities to achieve your desired results. Stress tension of the head, neck and shoulders, sciatica, migraines are often related to muscle dysfunction caused by poor posture, repetitive action and often lessen our quality of life. Building a wellness plan with our therapists at our Revive level will help combat the stress of your day to day life while functioning at a higher level.

Treatment Description

You will receive a blend of everything from Sweedish techniques, Deep Tissue, Trigger point therapy thru Myofascial Release, Structural Integration and Craniosacral Therapy. At this level you will also receive any Energy Healing such as Reiki, Accupressure or Eastern Modalities such as Japanese Medical Massage and Shiatsu. Aromatherapy and/or hot towels are included in every Revive session as of December 1st 2019.

*Prenatal is a specialty under this level of treatment. Limited to an hour and excludes aromatherapy.