Wellness Outside of Sessions: Prioritize Mindfulness

Kaleah McClain, FST LMT FMT NMRT.

“Go ahead and take a deep breath.”

We’ve all been in a massage session that perhaps began with that instruction. However, when is the last time that you stopped for a deep breath as you go about your day? When you get a massage you have the opportunity to take time out of your life to process, recharge, and recover. Why do we stop that process once we leave a session?

Especially as we are going through this difficult time, investing in ourselves is becoming more fundamentally vital. So much research is being released on meditation and “flow state” and the correlation with our productivity and fulfillment. While most of us are familiar with the benefits of mindfulness sometimes we don’t allow ourselves the moments to recharge.

As we experience abnormal amounts of trauma and loss during this difficult time, personally I find it more difficult to allow myself mindful moments to recharge or process. Part of this for me is that when things pile up, it feels like ten minutes will make no difference in the overwhelming feeling of crisis. One of my clients recently told me, “today I was told that I don’t need to thrive, and that was the nicest thing I’ve been told.” So, I challenge you. If you feel like you are in a tough spot emotionally, physically, mentally, sexually, or spiritually, please take one minute and complete these steps.

Take a deep breath
Tell yourself that you are magnificent.
Do not say “I am magnificent because….” There is no justification necessary.
One more deep breath

With just that, you have given yourself one moment, extra oxygen, one positive thought, and an opportunity to recharge. For more insight into mindfulness, I highly recommend Widen the Window by Elizabeth A. Stanley. This book specifically discusses training the brain during times of stress and trauma. It may not be our time to thrive. Today is our time to survive, and that’s okay. Stay well, friends.

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