Wellness Outside of Sessions: Prioritize Sleep

Kaleah McClain, FST LMT FMT NMRT.

“If you have to choose between taking the time out to stretch or sleep, please choose sleep.” Many of you have heard me say this after giving suggestions to prolong the effectiveness of a treatment session. Studies continue to highlight the irreplaceable value of allowing the body and mind to go through a full sleep cycle.

So what constitutes a good sleep? You should ask yourself a few questions to rate your sleep.

How many hours do you regularly sleep?
Do you wake up during the night, and, if so, how often?
Do you have difficulty falling asleep? When? Why?
How often do you dream?

Your sleep is when you process many of your experiences, recover and heal, cement memories into more long term information, and so much more that they are discovering. This is just one thing that you can take measures to impact outside of your massage, personal training, and nutrition to impact your health in a big way. We encourage you to explore your options for quality sleep, and would highly recommend checking out the book Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson.

Do yourself and us a favor, and take that nap.

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