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Redefining Massage Expectations

The general light, medium or deep pressure conversation is over. Customizing pressure optimizes healing and the expression “deep” is too relative. Knowing you will receive the correct amount of pressure your body can handle allows us to give you better options.

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There are 720 hours in a month-you’re worth at least 1 to become Revitalized



Keep ahead of soreness and fatigue with restorative results


Essential to any training regimen, proper Recovery prevents muscular disrepair

Why Sacred Roots

Customized Sessions
Built around your Individualized Needs and desired results
Motivating Locations
Clinics located inside Businesses that promote health and wellness
Licensed Therapists
All therapists and practitioners have required & active licensure
Dedicated Staff
Going above and beyond with many extra certifications
Wellness Plans
Based on progress made from every session

Meet the Team

Our goal is to provide customized massage sessions focused on either revitalization, restorative or recovery results. Let's get you back to the BEST YOU!

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